Social Media Mix Tape
2021 Edition

Over 2000 prompts to inspire and power your marketing!


I want over 2000+ social media and content prompts for 2021!

Stop struggling with writer's block or absent inspiration.

Whether you're creating a blog post, email newsletter or scheduling social media posts, this collection will help you get back to what's important – not spinning your wheels.

What are you going to post on social media today? Next week?

Do you sit down at the computer (or grab your phone) to do your daily post on social media, just to draw a blank? 

You end up scrolling to see what other people have posted, hoping to get inspired. 

Maybe you've grabbed screenshots or saved posts that caught your attention. 

Or you just keep posting quotes and beautiful photos which get likes but not much more.

But what if… you could create original, inspiring posts in advance to make your social media posts easier and more engaging? 

With Social Media Mix Tape – 2021 Edition, you can! You'll get over 2000 prompts including US National Holidays and celebrations, inspirational quotes, and more. You'll have something new and interesting to share any time you want to post. 

Don't Skip Social Media - Mix It Up!

Imagine if...

2000+ Social Media Prompts

Right now your posts just blend into the scroll.

And zap your energy

Don't worry – this isn't just a giant PDF that you have to print out and sort through. The 2021 Edition of Social Media Mix Tape gives you:

  • An exclusive training on the three types of social media posts you need in your mix to grow, engage, and sell to your audience
  • Easy-to-use prompts that range from fun national holidays to posts that build your engagement and establish authority.
  • 2021 Marketing Calendar templates so you can plan all your content for a week, a month, a quarter, or the whole year!
  • My favorite tech tools to streamline your social media scheduling for all the major platforms.
  • 50 ready-to-update Canva templates to brighten your feed.

Inside Social Media Mix Tape - 2021 Edition

The Social Media Mix

Find the perfect mix between sales, authority, and expansion posts to make the most of every post.

Social Calendar Template

Get an easy-to-use social calendar template to plan everything and see your mix at a glance (available for Trello or Google Sheets).

US Celebrations & Holidays

From National Gummy Bear Day to Singles Awareness - delight and entertain your followers.

Engaging Questions

Get your customers talking with engaging questions and storytelling prompts that build connections.

Quotes for Anything (Almost!)

From inspirational to funny, health and wellness to business - find a quote that fits almost any need.

Sales Prompts

You're not just posting on social for fun - use sales prompt starters to start selling to your followers and turning the time into profit.

Education Prompts

Build your authority with prompts that show off your stuff and help your followers learn a little something new too.

BONUS: Canva Templates

50 Canva templates to quickly create images for any post. ($150 value!)

... and Much More!

Promotional ideas, business insights, and more that can inspire your customers.

Why Trust Brandi?

I've spent the last nearly 20 years helping businesses of all sizes – from after-hour side hustles to billion-dollar corporations – develop and implement strategic marketing plans that drive results.

My marketing experience started long before the days of Facebook or Instagram. I cut my teeth on MySpace and Twitter in the early days. 

So when we started adding social media marketing to the mix, I had to learn how to create posts quickly that grabbed the attention of followers. Let's be honest – just because you put social media into the marketing mix, none of the other channels got marked off the to-do list.

Now you can benefit from those years of struggling and muddling through in order to make your social media marketing so much easier!

Frequently Asked Questions about Social Media Mix Tape™

Absolutely! These prompts can be used for any social media platform. They're inspiration to get you started – not pre-written full posts. You can add your own tone, your own personality – and, of course, your own graphics!

While I collected these prompts with the idea of having something new to post every day on social media, you're not limited to just using the ideas there.

In fact, your messaging goes so much farther when it's consistent across all of your platforms and amplification channels. When one prompt or idea really captures your attention, I encourage you to also use it for an email newsletter, blog post, video, or podcast episode.

You're right – I'm not using these prompts for my own social media profiles. That's because I'm not focused on social media as one of my two primary amplification platforms (as I talk about in Minimum Viable Marketing). 

One of the keys to being successful on social media is to be consistent. These prompts and planning tools are designed to help you build consistency and streamline your social planning.

While I do share with you my favorite social media scheduling tools, you don't have to use any specific tools to use this product! 

In fact, you can even use them on-the-fly or using native scheduling tools. 

Intentional consistency is the best way to build an audience on social media. With these prompts, you'll start building consistency from the beginning.

It also works if you're just starting a new platform or re-launching an existing platform!

You'll get access to the year you purchased indefinitely, along with discounts for future year Mix Tapes!

Due to the digital nature of Social Media Mix Tape™ and the fact that you could copy and use it in just a few hours – we do not offer refunds.

In most cases, you’ll save so much time planning and scheduling your social media marketing, you’ll actually make money using this product.

Is Social Media Mix Tape Right For Me?

Social Media Mix Tape can be used for  any type of business. From an eCommerce shop to a service provider, from a coach to a brick and mortar retailer, Social Media Mix Tape can help you grow, engage, and sell to your customers.

eCommerce Sellers

As an eCommerce seller, email marketing drives one-time and long-time sales. Stand out in the news feed posts that build connections - not just product views.

Coaches & Consultants

It takes time to build trust as a consultant or coach. Use storytelling, authority, and engagement posts to build engagement.

Service Providers

Whether you’re providing an in-person or virtual service, social media can keep you in front of buyers when your service is needed most.

Brick and Mortar Businesses

Keep your door opening by connecting with your customers with social media. Highlight your business and build fans with regular and unique posts.

How Social Media Mix Tapeworks

It's so easy to get started!

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Imagine If...

You don't have to keep imagining these things when you add Social Media Mix Tape to your marketing toolkit.

Honestly –  how much is your time worth? $50 an hour? $100? If you save less than ONE HOUR using these prompts – freeing up your time and your brainpower to work on other things in your business, it more than pays for itself.

Get Social Media Mix Tape – 2021 Edition! Get started with easier, better social media posts NOW.

Social Media Mix Tape - 2021 Edition

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