4 Reasons You Should Be Using Email Marketing For Your eCommerce Businesses

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Facebook. Instagram. Messenger. Chatbots. Personalized thank you cards. Singing telegrams. And email marketing, of course.

All ways you can reach your current and potential customers with content and special offers.

But if you want them to get seen… well, that might shorten the list a bit.

The online marketplace is noisy – like a 14-stage scream metal concert. It can be hard to help your brand stand out against the competition. To ensure that people actually notice your business online, you have to use creative methods to help your brand rise above the crowd and get those oh-so-valuable clicks.

4 Reasons to Use Email Marketing for Your ECommerce BusinessHow do you actually increase your marketing ROI and improve your communication? It's something you already use every day: email, or email marketing to be more precise.

Okay, okay. Before you roll your eyes and shake your head, hear me out. As one of the oldest online marketing tactics, nearly every person who uses the internet (AKA, your eCommerce customers!) uses an email account.

For many businesses, email seems like an ineffective or outdated way to reach customers. However, when used creatively and intentionally, email marketing is one of the best ways to build your audience, sales, and marketing ROI.

Still not convinced about using email as a benchmark of your digital marketing strategy? Let's see if that will change.

4 Reasons You Should Be Using Email Marketing for your Online Store

Here are the top 4 reasons that you should be using strategic email marketing as part of your eCommerce business marketing strategy:

1. Email Marketing Has A Surprisingly ROI

What's one of the first things you do when you grab your phone or sit down at your computer? Check your email. And you're not alone – according to Statista, over 4 billion people use email in 2020. By leveraging email marketing to expand your eCommerce business's voice, you are taking advantage of a system that reaches more people than Facebook or Instagram. Statistics continue to show that strategic email marketing can generate up to a 41X return on investment.

2. Email Marketing Keeps You Relevant

Not only does email marketing have a super high ROI, but consistently taking advantage of email marketing helps to keep your eCommerce business at the top of your audience's minds. With so many ads and digital content flying at us every single day, a well-written and engaging email campaign can actually increase engagement, rather than staying buried in the social media feed. And since you're in the inbox, your content and promotions can be there hours or even days later.

3. You Can Utilize Advanced Targeting Techniques

While email may be the oldest means of digital communications, its capabilities have aged well! The same services that allow you to send basic email campaigns (like ActiveCampaign and MailerLite) also offer advanced targeting techniques and segmentation abilities. You can refine your messaging based on the recipient's individual opening, browsing, and click behavior.

4. You Can Get Creative with Email

A successful email marketing campaign doesn't rely solely on simple messages about sales! You can get as creative as your heart desires, using unique, user-generated content, how-to guides, and industry/related news that will keep your readers hooked!

Need ideas? Here are some of the key emails you should be sending your customers:

Welcome Series

Share the love and welcome new buyers to your family! With a welcome series, you can introduce yourself and your company while helping them understand the product they have purchased or steering them toward a great first purchase. This personalization is a great way to build your brand reputation!

Get a free welcome series template in the Minimum Viable Marketing resource library!

Abandoned Cart Emails

How many times have you clicked “Add To Cart,” only to walk away and forget? Send customized emails to people who have placed one of your products in your cart but haven't finished the process!

Review Requests

Who doesn't love to give their opinion? With review request emails, you can give your audience a voice in the product development process, inviting them to be part of the business with their reviews. This can also build brand loyalty quickly!

Related and Recommended Products

Using email automation based on the buyer's purchase history, you can create personalized emails that recommend other products or services that may increase the chance that they will buy more from your business.

Re-engagement Emails

Do you have a list of customers who have drifted away over time? Engage them again with enticing invite emails that offer coupon codes and personal invitations! You can also use re-engagement emails to remove people over time who aren't your ideal customers, keeping your overall response rates high.

Boost Your eCommerce Business with Email Marketing

5 Emails to Optimize for Your ECommerce StoreSo, are you convinced about the value of using email marketing as part of your eCommerce marketing strategy? When used strategically and consistently, you will be amazed at how quickly you start to notice a boost in your business prospects, engagement, and conversions! If you are ready to get started using email to reach your customers but don't know how to get started, check out Emails in Minutes! Filled with templates and swipe files, Emails in Minutes will help you start sending better emails to your customers… in minutes.

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4 Reasons you should be using email marketing for your ecommerce business