70+ Ways to Promote Your Email Opt-In

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After you’ve created an amazing new opt-in freebie for your email newsletter, you need to make sure it gets the visibility it needs to do it’s job. Nobody can respond to your lead magnet if they can’t see it. 
There are lots of people who will tell you how to create a lead magnet, and about what can qualify as a lead magnet – but how do you get people to it? Here are 70+ places and ways that you can promote your email newsletter opt-in. 
Remember – this is a list of ideas. I’m not advocating that you do all of these things – pick a few and see which work best!
70+ Ways to Promote Your Opt-In

Promote Your Opt-In On Your Website

  1. Above the header – also called a Hello Bar, this long narrow subscription bar is visible on all pages. 
  2. Above the fold – Share your opt-in on your home page above the fold
  3. Custom landing page – Don’t just count on opt-in forms around your site to pull in subscribers. Build a custom landing page – like a sales page – 100% focused on your opt-in.
  4. In the navigation menu – Add a link to your custom landing page in your primary site navigation. 
  5. Below all blog posts – Add an embedded opt-in form at the end of the blog post. 
  6. Within blog posts – For long blog posts, you can also add embedded opt-in forms within your content. This works best when your opt-in directly relates to the content of your blog post. 
  7. In the sidebar –  This is a very visual way to have your opt-in show up beside your website content.
  8. In the footer – Add a link to your custom landing page or an embedded form in the footer of your website.
  9. Your “About” Page – When someone is curious about you, it’s a great time to give them a chance to learn even more by getting your opt-in.
  10. Contact Page – Looking for a way to get in touch? Give them a way to stay in touch by signing up for your lead magnet. 
  11. 404 Page – Maybe your reader didn’t find what they were looking for this time, but your freebie could be just what they needed.
  12. Get Started Page – Your opt-in is a great way for someone to get started with you. Add an embedded form to your “Getting Started” page to grab the attention of new visitors. 
  13. Entry Popup – Sure, it’s a bit “in your face,” but entry pop-ups can drive huge results for your mailing list. 
  14. Exit-Intent Popup – Just before someone leaves your site, give them a way to stay up-to-date by joining your email list. 
  15. Click-to-tweets – Add “Click to Tweets” to your custom landing page to encourage easy social sharing. 
  16. Social share links after someone signs up – Get your subscribers promote for you! Provide social sharing links with pre-populated messages on the thank you page. 
  17. Create a “Free Resources” page with links to all your opt-ins (or a resource library) – Don’t forget to add this page to your navigation!

Promote Your Freebie on Social Media

  1. Twitter Header – Update your Twitter Header Photo to promote your opt-in.
  2. Twitter Bio – Instead of your home page, use the link in your Twitter Bio to share your opt-in custom landing page.
  3. Pinned Tweet – Create a great tweet and pin it to the top of your feed.
  4. Twitter Chats – Join appropriate Twitter chats and share your opt-in if appropriate using the twitter chat hashtag.
  5. Twitter Cards – Use Twitter Cards to encourage sign-ups directly on Twitter, without even visiting your site.
  6. Facebook Business Page Header – Create a new graphic for your Facebook Page Header to promote your freebie.
  7. Pinned Post on Your Facebook Business Page – Pin a post promoting your freebie to the top of your page to attract new followers to your opt-in.
  8. “Sign Up Button” on Facebook Business Page – If your email marketing service provider offers a Facebook Integration, add a tab to your page to promote your freebie.
  9. Facebook Group Header – If you run a Facebook Group, update your header image to promote your lead magnet.
  10. Facebook Group Pinned Post – Just like on your business page, you can pin a post to the top of your group to promote your freebie.
  11. Facebook Group “Application” Questions – As a Facebook Group owner, you can ask three questions when someone wants to join. Use one of them to ask “Would you like my free gift? If so, enter your email address.”  Briefly describe your opt-in, not just describe it as a “free gift.” Don’t forget to manually subscribe these people to your list.
  12. Facebook Group Promo Threads – Find other people’s Facebook groups where your target market hangs out, and share your opt-in on their promo threads.
  13. Facebook Groups for Freebies – Yes, there really are Facebook groups for just about everything. You can find groups like Freebies and Giveaways to share links to your lead magnet. They may not be the best quality leads, but it’s worth a shot!
  14. Facebook Live – Got a great new opt-in? Talk about it on a Facebook live on your Business Page or in your own Facebook group. Don’t forget to include a link in the comments!
  15. Facebook “About” Section – Add a link to your freebie landing page in your “About” section – not just your website home page.
  16. Pins on your own boards – Of course, you’ll want to pin a link to your freebie landing page on your own related Pinterest boards.
  17. Pins on group boards – Don’t be afraid to share your opt-in on group boards as well. Great for visibility!
  18. Tailwind Tribe Pins – Tribe Pins aren’t just for blog posts. Share your lead magnet pin here as well.
  19. Instagram Stories – Talk about your opt-in on an Instagram Story and Story Highlights.
  20. Instagram Bio Link – Link directly to your freebie in your Instagram bio link (or use Linktree to share multiple links easily)
  21. Instagram Sneak Peek Post – Create regular Instagram posts with sneak peeks from your opt-in. Remember to use #linkinbio to point people back to your Instagram Bio Link to get to your lead magnet.
  22. YouTube video – Create a featured or teaser video for your YouTube Channel that promotes your opt-in.
  23. Youtube Header – Update your header image to promote your freebie.
  24. YouTube Channel Description – Instead of just your home page, share your lead magnet landing page in your channel description.
  25. YouTube Video Descriptions – If your opt-in is related to your video subject, share link to the landing page in the video description.
  26. LinkedIn Posts – If you’re in a B2B market, post about your freebie or opt-in on LinkedIn.
  27. LinkedIn Groups – Share your lead magnet in groups where your target customers are engaging.
  28. LinkedIn Projects Tab – As an individual, you can add your opt-in as a link on your profile using the “Projects” field.
  29. LinkedIn Articles – Create articles on LinkedIn and include links back to your opt-in landing page on your own website.

Other Lead Magnet Promotion Ideas

  1. Bio on guest blog posts – Put guest posts on third party blogs to work by including a promotion for and link to your freebie in your bio.
  2. Email signature – Emailing with potential prospects and partners? Add details on your opt-in to your email signature.
  3. Ask current subscribers to share with their friends/colleagues – They already know and like your work, so encourage them to share your landing page with their network.
  4. Signatures on niche forums – If you participate in a niche forum, include your opt-in link in your signature (if allowed).
  5. Quora Profile – Answering questions on Quora? Include your freebie in your bio to gain inbound traffic.
  6. Submit to other “resource” pages – like this collection of eBooks about motherhood.. Can't find one for your niche? Build your own, and ask the contributors to share it with their followers!
  7. Submit to sites that feature freebies – “The Freebie Blogger” and hundreds of others
  8. Ask influencers to promote your freebie – just give them a copy without having to opt-in!
  9. Press Release – Create a press release and distribute it through a free service like PRLog.org
  10. Podcast Intros – Mention your freebie in your podcast intro for all new episodes and listeners!
  11. Podcast Show Notes – Sharing show notes on your website? Make sure to include a link to your opt-in or an embedded form.
  12. Create a collaboration/giveaway with complementary services – What’s better than getting one freebie? Getting a bunch of related freebies! Create (or join) a collaboration/giveaway with other businesses in a similar niche – everyone promotes one landing page to get all of the freebies, and everyone gets the full list to add to their mailing list.
  13. Virtual Summits – Speaking at a virtual summit? Mention your freebie/opt-in to drive engagement after the summit is over.

Pay to Promote Your Opt-In

  1. Facebook Ads
  2. Instagram Ads
  3. Promoted Pins
  4. Promoted Tweets
  5. LinkedIn Sponsored Posts
  6. LinkedIn Text Ads
  7. LinkedIn Sponsored Inmail
  8. Pay-per-click ads
  9. Remarketing Ads
Grow Your Email List - 70+ Ways to Promote Your Freebie

Offline Ways to Promote Your Freebie

  1. In-Person Networking Events & Meet-ups – Share postcards or business cards with an opt-in link at in-person networking events to make it easy for people to connect after the event is over. Consider using a link shortener to make it easy for them to type it in. 
  2. Presentations & Summits – When you’re presenting at a presentation or summit, it’s a great time to get momentum. Share details on your freebie offer at the close of your presentation. You may also ask the summit organizer to email all of the attendees with a link to sign up. 
  3. At the Register (for brick & mortar) – Offering a discount? A birthday treat? Have a sign-up book at the register for people to submit their email address and get added to your list
  4. Trade-shows – Scan badges at trade shows or have a fishbowl to collect business cards. Manually subscribe entrants to your list and send them their freebie!

Did I miss any? Share your favorite ways to promote opt-ins in the comments or send me an email!

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