Hey, I'm Brandi! 

I love helping new and established business owners go from being overwhelmed by their chaotic, shoot-from-the-hip marketing efforts to confident in their streamlined marketing tactics. 
I do that by making marketing easy AND profitable – all while fitting into it into your already busy schedule. We build strategies together that work for your business and your life.  

Do the right things, not all the things.

 After doing and studying marketing for almost 20 years, working in a  variety of industries, training new marketers and re-training experienced marketers, and answering hundreds of marketing questions, I knew that there was a better way than the “Do More” strategy. I developed the Minimum Viable Marketing framework to help business owners, entrepreneurs, and small marketing members to get the skills and answers they need – quickly and easily. 

We All Have Superpowers...

Superpower #1: I make hard things simple. Whether it's tech tools or marketing strategies, I help break things down into simple steps so you can accomplish ANYTHING. I can even take your muddled jumble of thoughts and help create an organized strategy that makes you feel genius. (The genius was already there, I just uncovered it.)

Superpower #2: I love learning. If there was a career path that just involved learning all the things, all the time, I would do it. Instead, I picked marketing – which lets me keep learning new things every day, and then passing along the best to you. New platforms, changes to SEO, even working on getting your mindset right – I want to know it all. (That's why my inbox is always open. If you have a marketing question, let me know. If I don't have the answer, I'll find out!)

Superpower #3: One part cheerleader, one part butt-kicker. Sometimes we need someone to wave pompoms because we managed to get out of bed and brush our teeth. Others, we need someone to hand us the floss and stand there while we get between every tooth. I'm great at knowing when you need which and being there with the pompoms or the floss at just the right time to keep you moving forward. 

Let's work together, get your marketing on track, and find your superpowers while we're at it!

Outside of marketing, I'm a voracious reader, an ice cream lover, and a crafter.

Want to get to know me better, talk marketing, books, or just exchange some favorite memes? Get in touch, or connect with me on one of the social media platforms:

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