Confidence in Marketing

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Hey Brandi,
I'm excited about my business, but I'm nervous to start marketing. What if people shut me down, or worse – ignore me altogether? How do I deal with competitors? Did I make the right choice starting this business?

As a small business owner or solopreneur, there's one thing that stands out to me the most that you need in all of your marketing.


Now, I don't get into the personal side of business building and marketing too often here, but this was a question that I couldn't ignore. I'm part of several different Facebook groups focused on business building and entrepreneurship. They have rules against direct promotion (for good reason). Some of the more generous ones have “Free Promo Days/Posts” where you can share about your business – but if you stray outside those lines, your posts are deleted.

And sometimes you'll ask a question or share some information (even without links) to your material, and those posts are deleted too.

It's enough to shake your confidence in what you're doing. You may wonder what you did wrong – I know I have.

On the other side of the delete key is the moderator or group owner who evaluates your post and deems it too uncomfortable. It tells you something about them and their confidence. (Again, I'm not talking about deleting truly promotional posts outside of the proper channels – this is for the good of the group.)

This behavior shows a lack of confidence on the part of the moderator. Was your post too challenging? Too good? Did it call into question one of their behaviors?

So what does this have to do with your confidence in marketing? Three things:

  1. There will always be competition for your business. That's how you know it's viable. Even if you're a first-mover, there will be people who enter your niche to compete. Welcome them. There's room for all of us.
  2. Don't let the responses of others shake your confidence in yourself. You have a strong, unique and powerful voice and presence. Nobody can do exactly what you do. There will always be nay-sayers.
  3. You're the only YOU. (I think this is from Dr. Seuss, but I can't be sure.) The reason why you created your business, the way that you present yourself – whether that's being funny or bubbly or serious – all of those things are uniquely you. And it works for your customers. Someone else's voice and tone will work for their customers.

Are you struggling with feeling confident in your marketing or your business? Let's talk. 

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