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Could your writing drive more sales – without taking a lot more time?
Without feeling icky and gross?

Confident Copy - Words that sell without that
The short answer: Yes. It can.

In Confident Copy, you’ll learn how – simple techniques to develop your tone, find and appeal to your customer’s purchase motivator, uncover the strongest benefits of your product or service that your reader won’t want to pass up.

Whether you’re sitting down to write a social media message, an email newsletter to your list, a landing page finding the right words MATTER.

But using the uncomplicated tools from Confident Copy™ makes it easy to create messages that build connections and drive conversations.

You don’t have to wonder. You don’t have to struggle.

Do you procrastinate when it comes time to write something for your business?

Or maybe you just do the best you can and hope for the best...

Copywriting is one of the most powerful tools in your business toolbox – whether you're a marketer, a freelancer, or a business owner. 

But you haven't learned to write in the way that gets people taking actions – almost like magic… 

Until now. 

Imagine: Your words getting people nodding their heads and looking for the buy now button.

Why Trust Brandi?

There are two things I love (well, outside of ice cream): writing and marketing. Maybe that’s why I wrote a book on marketing. For the last 20 years, I have loved combining the power of words with the psychology and buyer behavior of marketing to help businesses grow and customers achieve their goals.

Now you can take advantage of all the years I’ve spent reading about and writing for audiences – from high-tech B2B buyers to watercolor loving retired grandmas – to take your copy from ho-hum to “take my money!”

Inside Confident Copy™

What is Copywriting?

Learn why copywriting is different than essay writing in school - and why that's a great thing!

Appealing to Reader's Self-Interest

Don’t miss this game-changing technique to super-power your conversion rates.

Getting Ideas for Your Copy

Uncover 4 great sources for new writing ideas to save you from the blank page.

Copywriting Formulas

Learn about 5 key copywriting formulas that can make your copywriting easier.

Defining Your Tone

Give your copy the right personality to connect with customers and drive conversations.

Features & Benefits

Use one simple two-word question to get to the benefit of any and every one of your features.

Structuring Your Copy

Use one simple two-word question to get to the benefit of any and every one of your features.

The Confident Copy™ Checklist

Apply everything you learn in Confident Copy™ to anything you write in just a few simple steps.

70 Call to Action Insipration Examples

Get inspired and get clicks with dozens of real-life examples of calls-to-action!

FAQs about Confident Copy™

Yes! Copywriting techniques don't just apply to long-form landing pages. The techniques you learn in this program will make your product descriptions, landing pages, and nurture sequences even better.

If you’re selling any type of product or service, including affiliate programs – or building an audience so that you can sell ads, then copywriting can benefit you. The techniques you will learn in Confident Copy™ help you connect with your readers and establish you as a go-to resource.

One of the great things about copywriting is that you get to decide on your own tone. You only need to sound sales-y if that’s what you want to sound like. You’ve got plenty of other options!

You’ll get lifetime access to this program, as well as any future updates.

Due to the digital nature of Confident Copy™ and the fact that you could finish the full program in a short amount of time, we do not offer refunds.

Is Confident Copy™ For Me?

Confident Copy™ can work for any type of business. From a business coach to an eCommerce shop owner, a social media specialist to an affiliate marketer – the techniques you learn in Confident Copy™ can grow your business.

Coaches & Consultants

Build the right connection with clients and customers with the right copy on every page.

eCommerce Sellers

Differentiate your shop with strong product descriptions & offers.

Social Media Specialists

Every post can drive conversation and connection – find the right words faster.

Affiliate Marketers

Make more sales by selling the benefits of the products you recommend – easily.

How Confident Copy™ Works

It's so easy to get started!

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Writing for your business doesn't have to be a headache. The words can flow from your fingertips like a fine dark roast from your favorite French Press.

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