The Foundations Course

Build a ROCK SOLID foundation for your business, whether it's 5 minutes old or 5 years old. In this course we'll whip your website into shape and get your email game in order so you can start getting PAID. Ready to get started? Click below and I'll see you on the inside!

Optimize your website

Your website is the home base of your business. Much like your actual home, you want it to be tidy, findable, and easy to navigate. Your visitors WANT to buy from you. So Let's make it easy for them by optimizing your site for conversions. 

Build your list

Creating a thriving email list full of engaged buyers is key to your business survival. Your social media audience could be taken away on a whim (algorithm woes anyone?) but your email list is YOURS to keep. We'll capitalize on that with consitent actions and clear strategy.

It's time to get serious

Listen, I get it. It's ok if you've been dinking around on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube up until now. The allure is irresistible!

And I'm not saying you shouldn't be on social. You should! But in a STRATEGIC way. These social media platforms are NOT the whole picture.

That's where this course comes in:

Your business needs a strong foundation to support your marketing efforts

I'll walk you through how to write (or re-write!) your website and optimize your email list to support your business goals - even when Facebook is down or Instagram changes their algorithms.


All the Email Nitty Gritties

  • Build your lead magnet
  • Use content upgrades and social media to build your list 
  • Create your welcome series
  • Measure and improve results with email analytics
  • Develop your email calendar
  • Write good emails
  • Get to know the legal side of email marketing
  • Discover alternatives to email newsletters

Website Setup

  • Leverage the Website Content Framework to streamline your website creation
  • Create a magnetic About page
  • Write your sellable Product or Services page
  • Build contact pages that drive connections
  • Construct a Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions that protect your business
  • Develop a compelling Home page 
  • Set up and use your website analytics
  • SEO Basics


Of course, that's not all the good stuff that you're going to learn in this course. I've also included bonus modules about: 
Starting from zero - without even a domain name? This is the lesson for you!
Improve your writing - from your website to email list, and beyond. I'll show you how.
Get your website found by search engines to gain more traffic and customers (for free!)
Find new ways to monetize your business and audience with these tips & tools.


What format is the course in?

The course is available in both video and written format, so you can learn in the style best for you. (You can even listen to the videos without watching if audio is your cup of tea.) There are also included worksheets to download and fill out online or print. 

How long does the course take?

The course includes 22 video modules plus 3 resource guides. If you just listened to everything straight through without implementing anything, you could get done in a few hours. However, I recommend investing a couple of weeks to learn and implement everything covered. 

I’m just starting my business - is the Foundations Course right for me?

Minimum Viable Marketing is absolutely a great resource for you when you’re getting started with your business. Establishing a strong marketing strategy from the beginning builds your confidence and gives you credibility as you’re getting those all-important first customers. By focusing on building your website and email list from the beginning, you’ll set yourself up for long-term success.

I’ve been in business for 10 years - do I still need the Foundations Course?

If you’re not feeling 100% confident in your website messaging and email strategy, then the Foundations course may be a good investment for you. Many of the business owners that I have worked with have implemented these lessons to ensure that they’re reaching their current target customers, especially as your ideal customer may change over time. 

Will I learn about how to use social media to grow my business in this course?

No, this course doesn’t cover social media. Using the Minimum Viable Marketing framework, your marketing foundation is made up of your website & email list - the two digital marketing elements of your business that you actually own. Social media, paid advertising, and offline tactics are amplification channels, which are not covered in this course. I work with clients 1:1 to identify, implement and optimize their amplification channels through quarterly coaching programs

Does this course have a community?

At this time, there is not a community associated with this course. I want you to focus on getting the most out of the lessons, not worrying about another Facebook group to keep up with! If I decide to add a community in the future, all alumni of the course will be given access. 

I’ve got a question or comment. How do I get in touch?

I love reader questions! You can reach me through brandi [at]

Will you just do my marketing for me?

While I’m flattered that you ask, I’m focusing on teaching business owners (and their marketing teams) how to do amazing marketing. I do, however, offer 1:1 coaching programs on a quarterly basis. Learn more about my marketing coaching programs >>

About the Creator: Brandi Johnson

Brandi C. Johnson is a marketing consultant and coach for small business owners and entrepreneurs. She has over 15 years of corporate and e-commerce marketing experience, generating thousands of leads and millions of dollars in sales. Now she's helping you build the foundation of your marketing strategy so you can achieve your best results.