Everything works better with a strong foundation


I'm ready to take my marketing to the next level!

Make all of your marketing efforts go farther with the right marketing foundation

Sure, you can start your business without a website or an email list.

And maybe the starter templates you started with a couple of years ago has served you well.

But what if you could build a rock-solid marketing foundation quickly and easily?

Even if you already have a website and email list, or if you're starting from zero, you can always reinforce your marketing foundations to make all of your marketing efforts go farther.

Marketing Foundations Blueprint

Optimize Website Content

Write (or re-write) your website content to attract ideal clients from the moment they arrive on your site.

Write Your Welcome series

Give new subscribers a warm welcome to your email list and community with a simple but effective welcome series.

Convert Visitors to subcribers

Create an amazing lead magnet to convert ideal clients to subscribers, from checklists to mini-courses and beyond.

Develop a Content calendar

Design a content creation calendar to support your relationships with new and existing visitors and subscribers

Support your growth goals

You're putting in the time – crafting perfect social media posts and growing your community… but does it all fall flat when they get to your website?

Have you spent a ton of money on other courses, but you're not getting the results that you were promised?

Maybe your foundation isn't as solid as it should be.

It doesn't matter if you've been in business 10 days, 10 months, or 10 years – it's never too late to create the right foundation to market your business.

Minimum Viable Marketing Foundations Cover

The Minimum Viable Marketing Strategy Blueprint isn't like every other course you've taken. 

What's inside

  • Action-filled videos and worksheets to help you take definitive action
  • Tech support to help you get up and running with the basics
  • Bonus modules including SEO strategies, copywriting, and more

...and what's not

  • Generic checklists that leave you confused and misguided
  • Oversimplified assignments like “Build a Website”
  • Drawn-out tech talks for software you don't even use!

About Your Guide - Brandi Johnson

I’ve spent the last 15 years helping businesses of all sizes – from after-hour side hustles to billion-dollar corporations develop and implement strategic marketing plans that drive results.

Then when I started my own business, I started buying all the courses. The ones on Pinterest and self-publishing and how to create a content marketing calendar.

But they all missed one key component: it doesn’t matter how good your pins are or how beautiful your Trello board is if your website doesn’t speak to your ideal customer and you’re not building a list of prospects and customers on your terms.

For myself, and for my clients, I took it back to the basics. The Foundation. And that’s where we are today.

Inside the Foundations Blueprint you will find:

Website Foundations

Email Foundations

Frequently asked questions

Minimum Viable Marketing is a simple, strategic framework created by Brandi Johnson to help business owners get their marketing done faster, and with better results. It was introduced in the book Minimum Viable Marketing – an Amazon best-seller.

You get access to the course forever. Depending on your level of dedication, you could complete it all in a weekend, although most students spend 4-6 weeks to implement all of the lessons. 

No, there is no community (Facebook or otherwise) for the Minimum Viable Marketing course. While the role of community is vitally important for business growth, I want you to focus on implementing the lessons and building your marketing foundation.

My inbox is always open if you have questions about the content of the course. I also offer a feedback add-on for the course so you can get my feedback on everything you create. You can learn more inside the course.

No, you don't need an existing website to get value from this course. While we don't cover the technical details of setting up a website, you'll get everything you need to create great content from the beginning.

Even if you've already got an existing website, you'll still get a TON of value from this course. The Website Content Framework™ will help you revise and update every page on your website to make sure it's building connections with your site visitors.

Even the best web designers need your help in writing and revising the copy for your website. The Website Content Framework™ and the rest of the website modules will help you make the most out of your investment with the web designer.

If you've already started building your email list – congratulations! But chances are you can do an even better job of connecting with your site visitors and move them from visitor to subscriber to customer.

Due to the digital nature of this product, we have a 7-day refund policy. A refund will only be issued if less than 20% of the total product was viewed as verified by in-place technology.

The Foundations BLUEPRINT is ideal for you if you are:

  • A new business owner working to establish a great foundation from the beginning
  • An established business owner who wants better connection with their ideal customers
  • A website developer who wants to build higher-converting website for their clients
  • A copywriter who wants a better understanding of how website content and email marketing work together to build a marketing foundation
  • A social media strategist who wants their clients to get better conversions from posts and ads

How Does This work?

Step 1: Register for the Minimum Viable Marketing Foundations Blueprint

Step 2: Check your email for your log-in access

Step 3: Get started with the module “What is the MVM Framework” inside Website Basics

It's THAT easy!

Your marketing efforts go farther when they build on the right foundation...

All the time you're spending on your social media accounts, the dollars that you invest in paid advertising, the live video streams, the PR interviews…

… it all amplifies in value when you've got a strong website and email list to convert your website visitors from browsers to subscribers to buyers.

Marketing Foundations Blueprint

The Minimum Viable Marketing™ Foundations Blueprint