Should You DIY or Outsource Your Marketing?

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Hey Brandi – Should I learn to do my marketing myself, or outsource it to a consultant or virtual assistant?

Making the decision to DIY or outsource is a big one for a lot of business owners. On the one hand, going the do-it-yourself route gives you complete control over your messaging and timing. It can also be seen as saving you money (because you don't have out of pocket expenses for the time you spend).

On the other hand, consultants and virtual assistants (VAs) often have the expertise to leverage platforms and do more in less time. They may have a learning curve for your product or service but may know the ins and outs of the technology and strategies.

I know – this doesn't answer your question… which is right for you? And unfortunately, the answer is: it depends. 

5 Times to DIY Your Marketing

  • You already have some foundation in marketing and social media.
  • You have time to dedicate to learning and testing.
  • You're curious about how marketing works.
  • You have more time than budget.
  • You don't trust anyone else. (I'd like to point out that this isn't a good reason to do it yourself. But let's be honest – if you can't or won't trust someone else, you're better off to do it yourself from the beginning.)

5 Times to Hire a Consultant

  1. You have no idea where to start with your marketing and want expert guidance (rather than trial and error).
  2. You want to get a jump start on growing your business.
  3. You can afford it.
  4. You don't mind doing the work, but need help picking a direction.
  5. Your market is highly competitive.

5 Times to Hire a VA

  1.  You have a good baseline strategy but need help in execution.
  2. You can make more by working with clients or product development than you spend on the assistant.
  3. You feel overwhelmed with the volume of marketing activities.
  4. You're disorganized and don't follow-through on your scheduled marketing.
  5. You know someone with the skills, aptitude, and interest. (This does not mean you should hire your next-door neighbor's teenage daughter that spends all of her time on Snapchat. This refers to finding a real, honest-to-goodness VA who has done work with at least one other person you know or has at least 3-5 valid references.)

If you're still unsure, spend at least 30-90 days doing your own marketing. This will give you the perspective you need when picking either a consultant, virtual assistant or both so that you really understand what you need.

Have more questions about marketing consultants, VAs, or anything else? Contact me! 🙂

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