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Emails in MinutesTM!

I'm ready to make my email marketing easier with templates, swipe files, and inspiration! 

Stop staring at the blinking cursor when it’s time to write your email. Grab these 400+ ideas to get your email juices flowing and get those emails out the door ASAP.

Email marketing has a 41x ROI – but you have to actually write and send the right attention-grabbing emails

Now you can – in minutes.

Stop Blank Page Syndrome in Its Tracks!

I get it. It feels so much easier to go post a quick inspirational quote or flash sale on Facebook than to Ugh.

“Write an email” even SOUNDS like a headache waiting to happen

And then there are all the little things you need to check – like your footer and links and what if you forget to change the subject line?

But what if you could consistently send emails to your warm, engaged subscribers – the types of emails that get opened, read, and most importantly – emails that drive sales! And you could do it in as little as 20 minutes a week?

With Emails in MinutesTM You Will....

Right now you're struggling to just get an email out the door every week...

Or month...

Really, what do you say after “Heyyyy”?

But there is a better way.

Imagine if your emails wrote almost themselves? What if you could banish the terror of that blinking cursor that awaits you when you pop open your composer? And what if you could know that your emails were going to stand out in the inbox?

Imagine: Get a month's worth of content done in less than an afternoon.

Why Trust Brandi?

I've spent the last nearly 20 years helping businesses of all sizes – from after-hour side hustles to billion-dollar corporations – develop and implement strategic marketing plans that drive results.

And for all of those 20 years, email marketing has been a core component of those strategies. It started back with introducing HTML emails (so you can measure open rates) to segmentation and automation strategies that have doubled and tripled response rates. 

Now you can take advantage of the millions (if not billions) of emails that I've written and sent over the last two decades to make your email marketing easier.

Inside Emails in MinutesTM

Using Swipe Files & Templates

Discover the best ways to use swipe files, email templates, and content prompts to make your email marketing a breeze. Plus, learn how to build your own swipe file!

300+ Subject Line Swipe Files

Over 300 subject line samples and templates - from simple subject lines, special circumstances, and some of the best real-life subject line examples to get your emails open.

20+ Email Templates

Over 20 "fill and go" email template examples you can out the door in minutes - including new product announcements, curated content emails, and more.

50+ Email Content Prompts

Want to say your own thing, but you're not sure where to start? Grab one of over 50 email content prompts to get your creative juices flowing.

Before You Send Checklist

Skip the "Oops!" emails and save your sanity with the before You Send checklist - just like the pros use!

Email Calendar Template

Get more emails done even faster when you plan and batch with the email strategy lesson and calendar template!

FAQs about Emails in MinutesTM

Absolutely! All of these templates can be customized for virtually any business – from an eCommerce shop to service providers, coaches to brick & mortar – and more. These inspirations have been drawn from all kinds of businesses, all over the world. 

Email marketing has not gone the way of Elvis. In fact, it's still the king of marketing ROI. Over 2 billion people are using email every day, and even more accounts are created each day. It is fully permission-based marketing, and your messages are less likely to be subject to crazy algorithm changes like social media posts.

Even if you're only emailing once a month, your business can absolutely benefit from these templates and swipe files. In fact, if you're only emailing once a month, you should make sure they're the best messages they can be. 

Plus, when you see how easy creating emails can be, you may decide to email more often!

Yes, there are templates designed for automations and auto-responders, including welcome series, abandoned cart emails, birthday reminders, win-backs and more. Plus, many of the other templates can be customized to work for automations.

You’ll get lifetime access to this collection of subject lines, templates, and inspiration as well as any future updates.

Nope – it’s really important to build a good habit of emailing your list even when it’s small. Emails in Minutes™ can help you build good habits no matter what size your list is.

These templates are simple text templates that you can use with any email service provider, from MailerLite to ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, to MailChimp (or one of the many others out there!)

Due to the digital nature of Emails in Minutes™ and the fact that you could copy and use it in just a few hours – we do not offer refunds.

In most cases, you’ll save so much time creating your email marketing, you’ll actually make money using this product.

Is Emails in MinutesTM Right For Me?

Emails in Minutes™ is right for any type of business. From an eCommerce shop to a service provider, from a coach to a brick and mortar retailer, Emails in Minutes™ can work for you.

eCommerce Sellers

As an eCommerce seller, email marketing drives one-time and long-time sales. Stand out in the crowded inbox with tested and proven subject-lines and email content that builds your business.

Coaches & Consultants

It takes time for clients to get to know, like, and trust a coach or consultant. Consistent email marketing can build relationships on autopilot to increase conversions and sales.

Service Providers

Whether you’re providing an in-person or virtual service, use email marketing to keep your services top-of-mind with your clients when they need you.

Brick and Mortar Businesses

Keep your door opening by connecting with your customers with email. Share special events, subscriber-only specials and more to encourage repeat visitors.

How Emails in MinutesTM Works

It's so easy to get started!

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Imagine If...

You can be all of those things in just a few minutes – when you add Emails in Minutes™ to your marketing toolkit.

Honestly –  how much is your time worth? $50 an hour? $100? If you save less than ONE HOUR using these templates – freeing up your time and your brain power to work on other things in your business, it more than pays for itself.

Emails in Minutes™ will not be $27 forever – but it can be YOURS forever when you buy now.

Emails in MinutesTM

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