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get your followers talking with creative conversation starters


I want 1000 questions and conversation starters to engage my community!

Stop falling back on “Motivation Monday” and “Fun Friday” to get your Facebook group talking! Grab these easy-to-use questions that get people talking, connecting, and having fun!

  • Share them in your Facebook Group or online community
  • Easily create graphics for Instagram
  • Use them to start Twitter conversations
  • Create email newsletters that get responses
  • … and more!

Your followers are a creative, unique and inspiring group.
But how do you get to know them better?

Creative Questions & Conversation Starters
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Build Community

Let your group members get to know each other (and you!) by thoughtful and fun questions. The community that knows each other sticks together.

Product Development

Learn more about what makes your community members tick and help them accomplish their goals!

Better Visibility

The more conversation your group has, the more consistently you show up in the newsfeed. Engagement drives engagement.

Are most of your posts telling rather than asking?

Have you been relying on posts like "Motivation Monday" or "Throwback Thursday" so you have something to post?

But what if there was something better? What if you could ask questions that allow you to get to know your followers better? What if you could get insights directly from them about their pains and needs to direct your new product direction?

And at the same time, your online group or page becomes your followers' favorite place on the internet.

With Something to Talk About™ you'll get your group talking in minutes, and you'll have more than enough conversations to last you throughout the year.

Something to Talk About™ is simple.

Inside you'll find 1000+ conversation-starting questions you can use to prompt your community to talk to you – and to each other. You can:

  • Share them in your Facebook group or online community
  • Easily create graphics for Instagram
  • Use them to start Twitter conversations
  • Create email newsletters that get responses

Imagine if every time you post your inbox filled up with comment notifications?

Imagine if your group actually started conversations themselves! (Yes – this actually happens once they get to know one another!)

And you can achieve all of this in minutes a day instead of wracking your brain for something new and creative to post.

Let's be honest. You don't need a lot of bells and whistles. You just need simple conversation starters that work.

Grab Something to Talk About™ and save your limited time and energy for the bigger work.

Conversation Starters to Use Anywhere...

Why Brandi? Why now?

I’ve spent the last nearly 20 years helping businesses of all sizes – from after-hour side hustles to billion-dollar corporations develop and implement strategic marketing plans that drive results.

One thing that always drives me crazy is when a business has spent a lot of time and energy (and money!) to build an audience, and then that audience doesn’t even give them the courtesy of a like.

So, I started compiling some of the best conversation-starting questions that I’ve seen that get people talking. This is the result of those years of collecting.


Absolutely! All of these questions can be customized for virtually any business – from an eCommerce shop to service providers, coaches to brick & mortar – and more. If you're building an online community that you want to engage with, Something to Talk About™ can work for you.

Sure, you absolutely can Google each time you’re looking for inspiration. You’ll also find lots of inspiration on Pinterest. But let’s be honest – both of these are rabbit holes that can distract you from the work you want and need to be doing.

Yes – you can use these prompts anywhere you connect with your community:

  • Email newsletters
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • MightyNetworks
  • Band
  • Slack

Seriously, anywhere you are connecting with your audience, you can use these conversation-starting questions.

You'll get lifetime access to this collection starters as well as any future updates

No! You can start using conversation starters with a small community. Helping to build relationships with the small community will make it even more friendly when you invite more people into the fold.

Due to the digital nature of Something to Talk About™ and the fact that you could copy and use it in just a few minutes, we do not offer refunds.

In most cases, you'll save so much time and drive so much engagement with your community, you'll actually make money and time by using this product.

Who is Something to Talk About™ for?

If you’re building an audience online – especially an online community, then Something to Talk About™ is designed for you!

Course Creators

Membership Leaders

Service Providers

How does Something to Talk About™ Work?

Step 1: Grab your copy of Something to Talk About™
Step 2: Check your inbox for your log-in information, so you can jump in and get started right away
Step 3: Download your copy of the conversation starter questions
Step 4: Create a graphic in your favorite program and post your first question!

Imagine If...

… whenever you posted in your group, you got creative, thoughtful and inspiring answers

… your inbox filled up with notifications about new comments on your posts

… more people saw your posts, because they get so much engagement

… you knew that every product you create solves their problems – because they've told you about their needs first-hand

You get all of this and more from
Something to Talk About™

Your time is valuable.
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