So, you want to write for MVM?

What I’m Looking For

Minimum Viable Marketing covers a wide range of high-quality content related to online marketing for small business owners. The best way to get an idea of the type of content that I’m posting is to read the blog regularly. I only accept posts that are timely, accurate, original and that resonate with my audience. 

Here are a few types of content that I’m interested in from guest posters: 

  • First-person accounts of online marketing strategies that you’ve either implemented for your business or for a client. 
  • How-to guides for online marketing techniques or platforms
  • Industry-specific audience development or marketing advice. 

Note: I do not accept previously published, sponsored, or overly promotional content. 

Basic Guest Post Requirements

While I will consider a wide variety of posts for the Minimum Viable Marketing blog, I apply the same basic requirements to posts to maintain high-quality standards. 

  • Length: At least 750 words, ideally 1000-2000 words. Do not sacrifice depth for brevity. Focus on clear, in-depth explanations that readers of different experience levels can learn from. 
  • Images: Please include any images needed to communicate your message, including screenshots. Do not create social media images or promotional images to accompany your post.
  • Purpose: To provide actionable tips and helpful information. 
  • Audience: Small business owners, small business marketing leaders, virtual assistants, and single-person marketing teams. 
  • Tone: Friendly and accessible without being patronizing. Marketing can be challenging – Minimum Viable Marketing exists to make it easier. 

How to Write a Guest Post for Minimum Viable Marketing

I prefer pitches before considering completed guest post submissions. If you have previous writing experience, please include links. But if you don’t have any clips, don’t worry – when I review guest posts, I consider the strength of the subject, how well it fits with my reader’s needs and the depth of our content on the subject. 

Response times vary depending on the current content calendar, but I do my best to respond within 1 week. If you haven’t received a response after 2 weeks, feel free to follow up. 

What to expect if I accept your pitch

If I think your pitch sounds like it could appeal to my audience, I will let you know whether or not I would consider the draft. If the draft of your post meets my expectations, I’ll let you know if I would like to publish the post within 2-3 weeks. Once your post is approved, you can expect to see it on the Minimum Viable Marketing site within 2 weeks unless otherwise scheduled. 

Mutual Expectations

What I expect from you: 

  • Original, well-written, research-based posts. Hold yourself to a high standard – at least the highest standard that you write for your own site. Treat content that you prepare for Minimum Viable Marketing with the same respect that you have for your own site content. Any data needs to be within the last 2 years and have proper attribution (i.e., links back to the original source if possible). 
  • Promotion. I encourage and expect you to share your guest post from the Minimum Viable Marketing site on your own social media channels and email newsletter. 

What you can expect from me: 

  • Promotion. Any guest post written for the Minimum Viable Marketing site will get social media promotion, email newsletter promotion, and search engine optimization.
  • Edits and feedback. I reserve the right to edit any posts received for content, tone, and search engine optimization. If your post is way off the mark in terms of tone or content, I will send you back suggestions for revision and resubmission.

I reserve the right to include calls-to-action and links to Minimum Viable Marketing products and services as well as affiliate links to other related products and services as appropriate.

I do not accept: 

  • Anything that may be construed as a link-building scheme
  • Posts that are overly promotional for your company or organization
  • Anything that’s offensive or inaccurate
  • Anything that’s overly critical of individuals or companies. 

Have a great idea for Minimum Viable Marketing? Head back to the contact form, and select “Write for MVM”!