How to Get Started with Guest Posting

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The secret's out: the internet's not just a fancy military and government network anymore.

And it's not just for gossip, cat memes, and figuring out which Friends character you are. (Apparently I'm Ross. I really was hoping for Monica.)

But whether you're taking those addictive quizzes or glued to the latest news, we all love to go to the web to read, learn, and engage.

To keep up, savvy business owners and marketers have learned to reach their customers through exciting and engaging online content.

How to get started with guest bloggingAs a business owner, you already know that a website is one of the most effective ways to sell products and services online.

With a responsive and engaging site, visitors can get to know, like and trust you – and eventually buy.

The more interesting your website is, the more likely those new visitors will want to come back and send buisness your way.

But it's not just about having a pretty layout, nice brand colors, and attractive photos. You're DOAunless customers can find you!

So how do you get found?

One of the most effective ways to bring new visitors to your website is through techniques like SEO, backlinking, and social media marketing.

There's also a secret weapon for those businesses willing to put in the work: guest posting.

So, what is guest posting, and can it really revolutionize your visibility?

Let's dig a little deeper so you can uncover the benefits of adding guest posts and decide if it's right for you!

What is Guest Posting?

Have you ever stumbled upon an incredibly helpful blog or article online and wondered, “Wow, I wonder who wrote that? I need them on my team!” You have likely come across a few guest posts in your online travels – you just may not have realized it!

Guest posting – also known on the web as “guest blogging” – is the process of writing copy content for another company or brand that gets posted on their website. When you share your guest post on another website, both their site and your own can get more traffic! It's the perfect marketing win-win.

Wondering how guest posting helps out? Take a look at these benefits that guest posts can start bringing your business quickly:

  • Draw traffic back to your website through increased visibility across the web.
  • Increase your SEO through backlinks and an increased web presence.
  • Boosting your brand credibility and reputation as an industry or niche expert.
  • Networking and relationship building with other leaders in your industry.
  • Increased experience writing and posting engaging content for your own digital marketing needs.

Guest posting is unique in the marketing sphere. While some strategies focus on drawing traffic and engagement to your site through targeted messaging, guest posting provides incredible benefits for you and the brand or site that hosts your content! It feels good to be helpful, doesn't it?

Here’s the best part: the more you guest post, the more other brands will reach out to you for your expertise and content!

Why Should I Invest In Guest Posting?

There are a ton of reasons that you should invest time and resources into quality guest posts. As a leader in your industry, you must work to become an authoritative voice in your field to maintain a competitive edge. Guest posting gives you a chance to showcase that expertise on the other sites across your industry, increasing your relevance and recognition. 

Guest posts help bring fresh ideas to your field and helps others trust you and your business. Guest posts help you deliver great information to your current and potential customers, while also strengthening relationships with your industry partners as you add to their content library.

Most importantly, guest posting is marvelous for your overall marketing strategy. The more you guest post, the more your influence increases. As partners post your content on various topics on their websites, your name and brand will extend its reach – organically increasing your SEO and target reach potential. Let's admit it; we could all use a little more spotlight!

How To Get Started With Guest Blogging

If you are ready to get started with guest posting on other sites, here are the first few steps to help you get rolling!

1. Develop A List Of Topics

Guest blogging begins well before your guest post hits the web. The first step is to start building a list of ideas, topics, and content you can write. Before you start a conversation with your target brand or company, you must have a selection of written examples that you can share to showcase your expertise and writing skills. If you haven't been blogging on your own, then you'll need to create some sample posts that you can share as examples. The best way to generate ideas is to consider what types of content your customers and clients love to read. 

What kind of content makes for a great guest post? Ask yourself: 

  • What kind of content would I want to read online from experts in this field? 
  • What kind of posts do I love to read and engage with?
  • What would I need a post to say or teach to share it on my own social media channels?

2. Reach Out To Potential Brands and Companies

With writing examples and ideas in your hand, it's time to start reaching out to potential websites for guest blogging opportunities. Start by searching for guest posting guidelines. If you don't find any, then don't be afraid to contact companies or websites directly. There's a good chance they will be happy to have you write content to increase their digital marketing strategy! I suggest starting with smaller brands to build your confidence and portfolio before reaching out to your dream list of websites.  

Pro-Tip: Expect to be rejected and don't be afraid to be persistent.

3. Start Writing 

Now the hard part – it's time to start writing! 

Need some help and inspiration? Spend time researching other guest posts on similar sites in your industry. You will get a feel for what types of guest posts are most often selected and used. Then start writing to begin building your guest blogging portfolio!

4. Share Your Guest Post Content

Snag an excellent guest posting spot? Congratulations! 

To capitalize on that success, make sure to share your guest post through your own media channels. You'll increase the post's visibility and help drive traffic to the host website, increasing the chance that they will desire to work with you in the future. 

 Plus, you'll demonstrate your authority and expertise to your followers when you highlight the spotlight.

Will guest posting be part of your strategy? Connect with us on Facebook or Twitter and let us know!  

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