How to Track Multiple Sales Funnels

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Most of us don't have a single sales funnel in our business. We end up with several for different products and different opt-ins. So how do you keep track of all of them? How often do you measure what's happening and optimize them?

Organizing Your Funnels

While you can use a system like Trello or Asana or Evernote to keep track of all of these details. Another system to consider is Milanote that combines the power of visual boards (like Trello) with the deeper workflow tools of a mindmap. I've just recently started playing with it, but I'm excited to see how I can use it to map my funnels and workflows.
Before all these snazzy new tools were available (and even now), I go back to a trusted spreadsheet to organize and track my funnels. I can keep as many details together as I want, including the performance of the funnel over time.  On this spreadsheet, I track the landing page, the thank you page, where the freebie is located (like a PDF file), as well as the name of the funnel as it’s set up in my email system.
The more funnels that you're building, the less likely it is that you’re going to remember which “eBook funnel” is which. And if you get one of those messages that says “Hey, I tried to download your One-Page Marketing Plan and the link is broken”, knowing where that file should be stored is going to make it MUCH easier for you to troubleshoot and get that corrected FAST.

Tracking Your Funnel Results

Once a month I do a high-level review of each funnel’s performance. I do this at the same time as I’m looking at my web analytics. At this review, I look at my overall open rates (for the whole funnel), click-throughs, and conversions. If anything really stands out as doing exceptionally well or exceptionally poorly, then I dig deeper into that.
Once a quarter, I do a deep review of all of the funnels, specifically looking at the performance of each message. I look at the deliverability, open rate, click-thru rate, and conversion rate to start identifying holes in the funnel where revenue is leaking out. Then you can start doing more testing and tweaking.
For most business owners who aren’t putting thousands of people through the funnel each week, doing this quarterly is probably as often as you can do the review and have had enough people go through to have really statistically relevant information.
The exception to this quarterly review is if you’re planning on doing a big push to one of your funnels. You should do this review of each message for performance (and accuracy) before that big launch to make sure you’re optimizing the results.
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How to Track Multiple Sales Funnels
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