How to Track Your Landing Pages

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I was recently working with a client who contacted me in a bit of a panic. She had gotten an email from a new subscriber saying that the page for her eBook download was broken. She had no idea where to even start fixing it – and she had no idea how long it had been broken and how many of her subscribers had never received their ebook.

So – what did we do?

First, we emailed the subscriber with her free eBook and a $10 Starbucks gift card as a thank you. (Even though it feels stressful in the beginning, the subscriber sharing that broken link saved my client even more headache in the long run.)

Then, the detective work started. By going back to her landing page set up and email automation funnel, we found the broken page and updated the links in both the landing page set up and the email automation funnel. Problem solved – right?!

Never one to wait for a fire before I buy a fire extinguisher, I shared my own landing page and funnel tracking template. I built this spreadsheet a few years ago for one of my clients when we were hosting 15 different branded versions of an ebook for our partners. I needed an easy way to see how each partner was performing, to grab their links quickly, and to update URLs when needed.

Of course, when I started building landing pages and funnels for myself, I started using the same system. I also added Google Analytics goal names and a place to track the name of the email segment/tag/group where the new subscribers go.

So – why is this little spreadsheet an important part of your marketing arsenal? Things change. Your business changes. What you want to offer changes. Plus, you've got about a million things going through your mind every day. Sometimes it's hard to remember what you need to pick up at the grocery store – forget about remembering the URL of the thank-you page for the opt-in you built 18 months ago.

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