Is Insta Growth Accelerator Right For You?

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If you’ve chosen Instagram as one of your key amplification platforms, then you’ve got lots of things to consider: 

  • Visual appeal
  • Building audience
  • Consistency

And, of course, you need to think about how you’re going to move your audience from following you on Instagram to actually buying from you.

There are a couple of ways you can figure these out for your business: 

  • Testing, testing, testing – from scratch.
  • Take a course or work with a coach to learn from the testing that someone else has done.

Now – to be clear – even if you do take a course, that doesn’t give you a free pass on testing what’s going to work for you. It just helps you move forward faster and avoid the things that *aren’t* working.

If you want to take that shortcut, there are lots of people out there who are teaching Instagram specifically. 

One of those is Natalie Ellis from BossBabe. She’s taken her Instagram presence from zero (because that’s where we all start) to 2.2 MILLION followers and growing. 

BossBabe has 2.2 million Instagram Followers

Her Instagram training is called Insta Growth Accelerator (IGA). After following her for over a year, I checked out her IGA training. But I wasn’t ready to focus on Instagram as a key amplification platform, so I hadn’t jumped in.

But when they reached out and asked me to review it – I was ALL IN. I dropped everything else I was working on to learn more about Natalie’s secret Instagram sauce. 

What is Insta Growth Accelerator (IGA)?

Insta Growth Accelerator is the signature course from Natalie Ellis, all about how to organically grow your Instagram account.

In this 12-week program, you'll dive into virtually everything you need to know about Instagram, from how to write your bio to get more leads to understanding how the filters and colors you choose for your images can impact the viewer's perception of your brand. 

Insta Growth Accelerator isn't just a course that gives you lessons to figure out on your own. When you invest in the course (and yes, it's an investment at $1997), you'll get: 

  • Lifetime access to the course, including all updates to the strategy and tactics that the team uncovers
  • Support from Natalie and her team to help you ensure you're nailing your implementation
  • A supportive private community where you can find new biz besties for collaboration and more. 

What's Inside IGA?

One of the great things about IGA is that Natalie doesn’t just jump into the tactics – like how to design your grid or pick your hashtags. Instead, she really wants to make sure you’ve got your audience foundations identified. The first lessons are all about making sure that you’ve got a strong understanding of your ideal customer, and even clearly define HOW you help them and what transformations they achieve by working with you. 

And the foundations don’t stop there… IGA also includes lessons on storytelling, selling, and creating consistency with your Instagram – all before you have picked your first image or written your first caption. 

Of course, IGA also gets into tactics of using Instagram to build your brand and drive sales. From creating content and captions to developing your visual brand to creating videos and even the difference between community versus building audiences. 

Plus, there are great looking fillable workbooks virtually every step of the way, making it easy (and dare I say, enjoyable!) to do your homework. 

Natalie and the BossBabe™ team left virtually no stone unturned in this training.

Is Insta Growth Accelerator Right For You?

Is Insta Growth Accelerator Right for You?To be honest, no training is for everyone. Even my Minimum Viable Marketing Blueprint isn’t for every business owner, even though it’s just focusing on the marketing foundations.

IGA could be a good fit for you if:

  • Instagram is one of your primary two amplification platforms for your business
  • You’ve got great resources to create visual content (Since IG is a visual platform!)
  • You learn well from a combination of video + doing. The majority of modules are audio/video with very little written content to support the lessons outside of the workbooks and worksheets.
  • You can use a refresher on establishing your brand voice and tone
  • You’re ready to up-level your business mindset and your content strategy. The lessons Natalie shares on identifying your ideal customer profile, content creation, and selling can be used on any platform that you’re using.

IGA may not be for you if:

  • You’re just dabbling with Instagram and you’re not committed to it as one of your amplification platforms. Instagram requires you post regularly or frequently.
  • You learn better from reading content or don’t have time to watch or listen to videos.
  • You just want some quick-fix tactics and don’t want to think critically about your business and your content model.
  • You’re not a female entrepreneur. While you don’t HAVE to be a female entrepreneur to embrace the BossBabe mindset, you may not resonate with all the messages if you don’t fit the target niche.

What Kinds of Results Does BossBabe's IGA Program Get?

Admittedly, I haven't applied the IGA lessons to my own Instagram account yet. (If you want to follow along with my story, then make sure you're on my email list where I share behind-the-scenes marketing tips.)

But, you don't have to take my word for the results – they can speak for themselves.

Veronica's Testimonial - Insta Growth Accelerator Review
Shannan's Testimonial - Insta Growth Accelerator Review

Lessons Learned from Insta Growth Accelerator

I'm no spring chicken when it comes to marketing. Defining your ideal customer, understanding your brand voice, the importance of consistency – these are all things that I talk about all the time in my own marketing lessons. 

But that doesn't discount the value of Natalie's lessons. Here are just a few nuggets that I've learned: 

  •  If you're posting quotes, you want to post up to 4x a day. 
  • You can use the “explore” page in the Instagram app to find more content that's like what your users are already engaging with. You can curate content from here AND get inspiration from your own feeds. 
  • Your explore tab is built from the posts you share and save, as well as who you already follow.
  • The top performing content isn't always the fanciest, most exotic images. In fact, some of the simplest images have the most engagement.
  • Boosting posts can get you up to 10k new followers for as little as $100 – all in your ideal target market. (Of course, this isn't guaranteed!)

Curious about if Insta Growth Accelerator is right for you? They've got a 14-day return policy, and payment plans available. 

And remember – make sure you're on my email list for when I start using all these tactics from IGA on my own Instagram account, so you can see the results for yourself!

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