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Thanks for visiting Hey Brandi! I'm so glad that you've decided to invite me along on your marketing journey. And it is a journey that every business person takes.

Journeys are better with friends. 🙂

Of course, every road trip usually comes with a few ground rules. Here are mine:

  1. When you have a question, all you have to do is ask. It's that easy. You can use the contact form or reply to one of the email newsletters. I'll do my best to answer.
  2. There are no stupid questions here. Everyone has different approaches to marketing, and different experience. So, if you have a question… refer to rule #1. 🙂
  3. Be kind. We're all on this journey together, so unkindness in any of our forums won't be tolerated.
  4. BYOS (Bring Your Own Snacks). All good journeys come with snacks, so bring some along. Gummy, chocolate, salty – they're all welcome.

Now that we've got the ground rules sorted out, let's get started!