Marketing: Just Start

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Hey Brandi,
There's so much information out there about marketing and marketing plans. It's overwhelming. I have no idea where to start. Can you help?

You're right – the internet is full of marketing advice (including this site!) It's overwhelming, even for me – and marketing is my full-time job. It's easy to get caught up in the planning and analysis and never just get started.

But reading all of the articles about marketing, watching all of the webinars, doing all of the planning won't get you success. Sometimes you just have to start.

It's like starting a new gym routine. You can watch 100 videos on lifting weights and stretching. You can tour four different gyms, and buy new workout gear. You can even pack your bag and get it in the car. But until you walk through those gym doors and pick up that first dumbell, you're not getting any closer to improving your stamina or losing weight.

There are just a few key things to remember before you start:

  1. Do no harm. Make sure your marketing supports the brand that you want to develop. Whether your brand is funny, professional, or personable, let your personality show through. And center your messaging based on your strengths, not highlighting your competitors' weaknesses.
  2. Don't over-commit. When you're just getting started, be careful about how much you're committing to. This goes for both financial commitments and time commitments. I've seen founders commit to spending thousands of dollars on untested advertising platforms that don't pan out. I've seen others say that they're going to post videos every day for 100 days, only to fail 3 days in. Be realistic.
  3. Measure results. We talk a lot about measuring results here – that's because I want you to spend your time (and money) the places where you'll get the most return. No matter how you choose to start, you can even keep just a simple notepad of how long you spent, how much money you invested, and if you saw any increase in calls, traffic or sales.

The key isn't to be perfect. Its not about having the perfect plan or the perfect message. It's to start.

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