Live Challenge starts September 10

Let’s spend 3-days together to tame your marketing beast. This challenge is for you if:

  • You’re overwhelmed with trying to do all the things
  • You’re not doing anything consistently
  • You’re not even sure where to start or if all these things are even getting you what you want

Just stop.

Step away from the social media and the graphic design tools and the keyboard – just for a minute. Take a deep breath – and join the Master Your Marketing Challenge. Together, we're going to simplify your marketing so that you feel confident in taking action.

In these 3 days you will:

  • Get all your marketing activities, to-dos, and wish-lists in ONE place
  • Discover easy ways to track how much time you’re spending on each activity to make the most of your time
  • Start measuring your results so you know the best methods to grow your business
  • Prioritize those activities that are moving your business ahead
  • Organize your time to make the most of every marketing minute
  • Create When-Thens for your wish list so you can stop wondering and get-on with your current activities
  • Change your attitude toward marketing your business so you’re always able to put your best foot forward

Join the Challenge

We'll be starting on June 4 – but get on the list TODAY to start mastering your marketing. 

After the challenge is over, you'll still get tips from me on how you can master your marketing and tame the chaos that seems overwhelming. There is an unsubscribe link in every email that you receive. And, all of this is subject to the terms of my privacy policy.

Master Your Marketing Challenge: From Chaos to Confidence

Master Your Marketing Challenge: From Chaos to Confidence

What are you working on today? Another lead magnet? Scrolling Facebook endlessly to find a thread where you can drop a bit of genius in the hopes that someone will see it and be compelled to join your tribe, subscribe to your list, and throw their hard-earned dollars at your feet? Scheduling another 100 pins (of which 90 are for other people – because you have to play nice and share other people, not just promote yourself.)

Maybe you’re recording a podcast and planning a new series of Facebook lives while figuring out how to build a cover for your Instagram stories.

And when you’re done – you’re exhausted. And you haven’t even gotten do to that thing you love, because you’ve been so busy marketing yourself.

Or maybe you’re on the other end of the spectrum. You’ve got 3 episodes of your podcast and 5 people in your FB group, and a list of ideas longer than your arm. But you’re not doing any of it, because you don’t know where to start.

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Want to streamline your marketing and go from feeling chaotic to confident? Join the Master Your Marketing Challenge!