Hey Brandi,
I'm doing a lot of work, but I don't know what's actually growing my business. Is there a way that I can tell, or do I have to just keep doing everything?


One of my favorite things about doing online marketing is all the data you get back on performance. With most traditional offline marketing, you may get a few metrics on estimated reach (for things like print ads or TV/radio ads), and response rates from direct mail.

But with online marketing – you get it all! Visitors, clicks, conversions, time spent, demographics…it’s both incredibly empowering and overwhelming at times. Especially if you’re not a “numbers” person.

Why are metrics important?

All this data is incredibly important to making the right marketing decisions for your business. By having this information at your fingertips, you can make sure you’re investing your precious time in the right areas that are driving results for your business.

But I hate math and numbers!

I get it. There are two really good things about these numbers though:

  1. The math is pretty simple – basic things like adding and dividing. The hardest part is finding the numbers you need to use in the calculation.
  2. Once you have your basics down, you’ve got the power to make better decisions about how you spend your time to grow your business. Tired of doing Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? You can use your metrics to see which ones are getting the most engagement, growing the fastest, and driving the best results – then focus your attention on that platform.