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Maybe you feel like you’ve tried everything without success. Or you’ve been putting off trying anything because you just don’t know where to start. 

That changes with Minimum Viable Marketing.

Inside, you'll learn the essential 5-stage framework that any business can use to grow without feeling overwhelmed. You’ll know which strategies are working to grow your business (and which aren’t), so you can make the most of your marketing resources. And you’ll know when you’re ready to expand and try new things.

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Don't Lose the Passion for Your Business to the Algorithm or NewsFeed

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I get it. You didn't start your business to figure out how often to post on Instagram or what new trick there was to get to the top of a Google search.

Here are the four most popular ways people design their marketing strategy:

  1. Take a look at the competition and try to follow their lead
  2. Try every technique you see promoted as the new “must-try” method – no matter what industry it's in
  3. Order branded “stuff” like t-shirts and tote bags and count that as your marketing for the year
  4. Ignore marketing all together and rely on the belief that the quality of your product will magically attract clients

Even with a degree in marketing, I've done all of these and worked with hundreds of business owners who did the same.

That's why I can tell you that none of these techniques work over the long term.

But the strategy that you develop with Minimum Viable Marketing does work. Plus you'll know how to adjust and change so that it keeps working, month after month, year after year.

Why Trust Brandi?

I've spent the last nearly 20 years helping businesses of all sizes – from after-hour side hustles to billion-dollar corporations – develop and implement strategic marketing plans that drive results.

And for all of those 20 years, email marketing has been a core component of those strategies. It started back with introducing HTML emails (so you can measure open rates) to segmentation and automation strategies that have doubled and tripled response rates. 

Now you can take advantage of the millions (if not billions) of emails that I've written and sent over the last two decades to make your email marketing easier.

FAQs about Minimum Viable Marketing

The book is available in PDF format, which can be read directly on your computer, or imported into popular ereader software including Kindle and Apple Books.

Absolutely! The foundation introduced in Minimum Viable Marketing can work for virtually any business – from an independent maker to service providers, coaches to brick & mortar – and more. These strategies are time-tested and customizable for your business and the way you work.

Minimum Viable Marketing is designed with the busy business owner and marketer in mind.

Let's be honest: If you're trying to do everything (every social platform, every content channel, every everything… ) you're probably not doing any of it well.

The MVM framework gets you tout of the chaos of doing everything and helps you focus on the right things.

The PDF of Minimum Viable Marketing is yours to keep.

Due to the digital nature of Emails in Minutes™ and the fact that you could copy and use it in just a few hours – we do not offer refunds.

In most cases, you’ll save so much time creating your email marketing, you’ll actually make money using this product.

Is Minimum Viable Marketing Right For Me?

Minimum Viable Marketing can and does work for any type of business. From a maker  or crafter to a service provider, from a coach to a brick and mortar retailer, Minimum Viable Marketing can work for you.

Makers & Crafters

As a maker, you want to spend your time making, not managing 1000 marketing channels. Stand out in the crowded marketplace and build repeat customers with a simple strategy that builds your business.

Coaches & Consultants

While the first few sales for a coach or consultant probably comes through networking, to build a sustainable business , you need a strategy to consistently reach people beyond your immediate network.

Service Providers

Whether you’re providing an in-person or virtual service, the right marketing foundation can keep your time booked doing the work you love, not trying to find your next client. Instead, have them lining up to work with you.

Brick and Mortar Businesses

Keep your business top of mind with the right marketing foundation. Share special events, sales, new products, online offers, and more to encourage new and repeat customers.

Imagine If...

All of these things can be true for you – when you not only read Minimum Viable Marketing but also implement the lessons you find inside.

The Minimum Viable Marketing Foundation will transform the way you think about your marketing. It will give you more time, more confidence, and even better results.

Buy today and get Minimum Viable Marketing along with the Resource Library with one transaction.

Minimum Viable Marketing on Tablet

Minimum Viable Marketing

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