Free Resource Library by Brandi Johnson

Free Resource Library

Ready to start implementing the lessons learned in Minimum Viable Marketing? Get access to the resource library with additional worksheets and templates to help you develop your strategy.
New resources added regularly.

What's included?

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Ideal Customer Profile Worksheet (PDF)
Marketing Calendar (Spreadsheet)
Marketing Calendar - Trello Templates
Website Resources
Landing Page & Funnel Tracking (Spreadsheet)
Email Marketing
Email Content Calendar & Metric Tracking (Spreadsheet)
Welcome Series Framework (Document)
Launching a New Lead Magnet Checklist (Document)
Social Media Resources
60 Questions to Engage Your Facebook Group
Facebook Group Organizer
Facebook Page Setup (Checklist)
Facebook Group Setup (Checklist)
Instagram Account Setup (Checklist)
Twitter Account Setup (Checklist)
Metrics & Analytics
Marketing Metrics (Spreadsheet)
Marketing Action Plan (PDF)
Time-Tracking Spreadsheet