Tips & Tricks for the MVM Resource Library

Most of these documents are in Google Drive. You will only have read-only access. Go to File > Make a Copy to add a copy to your own GDrive folder. From there you can edit and customize them till your heart's content.

You may notice that the branding on some of these worksheets is from is my coaching and consulting blog for small business owners. 


Website Resources

  • Landing Page & Funnel Tracking (Spreadsheet) – Easily track your landing pages including performance and all those small (forgettable) details like which automation or funnel it’s hooked up to!

Email Marketing

  • Email Content Calendar & Metric Tracking (Spreadsheet) – Make a copy of this content calendar to track what you want to share, and how well it works. Includes definitions of some of the most important email marketing metrics including open rate and click thru rate. 
  • Welcome Series Framework (Document) – Create a welcome series that builds connections with your new subscribers with three simple emails. Great for new lists or to tweak your existing welcome series to improve relationships and start driving sales from the beginning!
  • Launching a New Lead Magnet Checklist (Document) – When you're adding a new lead magnet or opt-in to your website, be sure to follow this checklist to make sure you cover all your bases. 

Social Media Resources

  • 60 Questions to Engage Your Facebook Group (PDF) – These aren’t your standard “Motivation Monday” or “Tip Tuesday” prompts. These questions can work for virtually any type of group by getting your members to open p and spark conversation. 
  • Facebook Group Organizer (Spreadsheet) – Whether you’re juggling a ton of Facebook groups or testing a few to see which get you the best results, this spreadsheet makes it easy for you to keep track of the rules, promo days, and group style – all so that you can get the most results out of your social media minutes.
  • Building a new social media profile? Grab one of these checklists to make sure you get off on the right foot!

Metrics & Analytics

  • Marketing Metrics (Spreadsheet) – Keep track of all your most important marketing metrics in ONE place. Easy to use. Easy to update. Easy to take the right actions based on what’s driving results. 


  • Marketing Action Plan (PDF) – Make taking action easy with this marketing action plan for your week. 
  • Time-Tracking Spreadsheet (Spreadsheet) – Figure out where your time is going with this easy-to-use time-tracking spreadsheet. You can only change what you measure!