Are you sick of trying to figure out marketing on your own?

Running from tactic to tactic, product to product, but not finding something that sticks?

Welcome. You can stop running now. Pull up a chair, pour a beverage, and let's talk.

Hey - I'm Brandi!

I'm a marketing coach for small business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. What is a marketing coach – you ask? Well, unlike a consultant that comes in and helps you with one specific problem (and often does the work for you), I'm in it with you for the long haul. And I can help you with your marketing as a whole – not just one specific problem. 

After spending over 15 years in corporate marketing, I know a thing or two about finding your ideal clients, creating marketing campaigns that speak their language, and making it all easy for YOU to do. 


My not-so-secret super-power is taking big business marketing and product development tactics and apply them to YOUR business. That means stuff like buyer personas, customer journeys, sales funnels, content marketing – all those fancy buzz words can be yours. 

Plus, I make it EASY for you to focus on things that are going to move your business forward, taking it one step at a time. From one-on-one coaching to small group programs, I take that 30,000 hours I invested in learning marketing and apply it to YOUR business.

What Can I Do For You?

One-on-One Support

Get one-on-one support for your marketing projects. Whether you need me to keep you focused, give you direction, break down complex marketing concepts – or even review your landing pages and funnels, the Ask Me Anything service is here for you. 

Old Fashion'd Learnin'

Want some good old fashioned learning? Well the blog is the right place to be. From finding your audience to picking platforms, getting yourself organized and getting your products SOLD – it's all here.

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