The Benefits of Email Marketing for Service Providers

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How to use email marketing for your service businessAre you a service provider who is offering 1-1 services to a variety of clients? If so, you may find yourself always trying to reach new clients through Facebook, Instagram, ads, and referrals. Even once you get someone's attention, then you have to keep it!

As the gig economy grows, graphic designers, virtual assistants, and other businesses based on client-based projects depend on a robust communication strategy to ensure that you reach clients, schedule appointments, and get contracts signed.

Here’s a secret weapon for helping you continue to build and scale your service business: email marketing. Surprising, right? One of the most effective tools you have in your business toolkit is one you likely use every single day. (In fact, you may have it open right now!)

Despite the rumors to the contrary, email marketing is far from “dead.” In fact, it continues to grow in popularity. While people may be giving up Facebook or Instagram, they're not giving up email. That's just one reason that email marketing can be a service provider's best friend!

If you are ready to find a sure-fire way to boost your sales, here are a few tips to help you start using email marketing for your service business!

Email Marketing Works – Even When Your Client List Is Small

There's another myth around email marketing: it's only worth it when you've got an enormous list. As a service provider or virtual assistant with a relatively small client base – and a relatively small volume of people you can work for, you may think that email marketing is a waste of time.

But, nothing could be further from the truth! When done well, email marketing is just as effective with a small list! With a smaller email list, you have the opportunity to create content that is targeted and personalized to your unique clients. You can also keep your most valuable and loyal clients in-the-know with your latest updates and engaging content that comes directly from you.

Just getting started with email marketing? Learn how to start email marketing for your business and check out our ultimate guide to email marketing.

Stay Above The Noise Of Your Competitors

Email marketing has a surprisingly high ROI – 41 times that of other popular marketing tools. However, the best email marketing campaigns shine in their ability to help you build relationships with your clients.

With so much noise in the crowded online service provider market, you need to stay top of mind for your current and potential clients. A robust email strategy can help you win the work the next time they need your service!

Fill Your Open Spots Faster With Consistent Reminders

Another great use of email marketing for service providers is the ability to fill your openings in your schedule fast. Everyone gets busy, and knowing when to claim an open spot with your business may not be at the top of their mind. By sending out directed emails that offer an updated list of service openings, you can help keep your clients happy and your schedule full!

Engage Your Clients In New Ways With Creative Content

You don't have to rely solely on sales or promotions to ensure that your email marketing is successful. Suppose you aren't using the following types of emails in your email marketing strategy. In that case, you could be missing out on valuable ROI with some of your most loyal customers.

If you are in the services industry or a virtual assistant, here are some of the top emails you should be sending right now:

Welcome Series

Use your welcome series to introduce yourself, your unique services, help clients understand how they will benefit from working with you. This personalization is a great way to build your brand reputation!


Keep your clients and customers engaged with you and your business by showing them behind-the-scenes content, like your unique processes or a client's results (with their permission, of course!). This can lead to indirect sales by showcasing what they are missing out on by not partnering with you!

Curated Industry-Related Content

Demonstrate your industry expertise by curating the best content that shows how you are keeping up with your industry's latest changes and news. You can also add your commentary and experience to provide even more context and authority.

Tips for DIY

Want to get creatively shrewd with your email marketing? Offer your clients a fun “how-to guide” that gives them a step-by-step walkthrough of how they can take care of the services you provide themselves. Hint: They won't want to – instead, they should hire you!

Corner Your Market With Creative Email Marketing Ideas

There's no limit to the creative ideas you can utilize to boost your email marketing as a service provider or virtual assistant. When you take advantage of email marketing, you can start to see results quickly, even with a small list.

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Benefits of Email Marketing for Service Providers