What is Minimum Viable Marketing

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Today’s businesses have more choices than ever when it comes to promoting their business. From traditional channels like billboards and print ads to the latest social media platforms (and everything in between), you could spend 168 hours or more a week to market your business and still not be doing everything. (Some marketing teams spend even more than that in large corporations.)
Whether you’re an entrepreneur marketing your own business, a marketing team of one in a small business, or leading a small but mighty team, all of those choices can be overwhelming. Where do you know where to start, how to get going – and when to pull the plug? 
Unfortunately, looking to your competitors or others in the market often won’t help. If anything, this type of competitive research can make you feel even more overwhelmed. It will feel like your competitors are already EVERYWHERE, doing EVERYTHING. How can you ever keep up?
I get it. You feel like throwing in the towel. Going back to bed and pulling the covers back up over your head and hoping that tomorrow things will look different.
Or, you swing to the other extreme. You start throwing everything you have at marketing your business. You open Facebook pages and launch ad campaigns. You build a YouTube channel and a podcast, and sign up for 3 different courses about how to generate traffic with Pinterest. 
And all that momentum lasts a couple of months, if you’re lucky. Most likely, a few weeks. In some cases, you won’t get any farther than signing up for the account. Every day, you log in to look at your analytics to see what’s working – where are you getting traffic? And then you throw yourself into your activities for that day – engaging in Facebook groups, scheduling more pins on Pinterest, and recording a few more videos that you can use on YouTube, and … then… 
But for all the flurry of activity, you’re not seeing the growth you expected. Your inbox isn’t flooded with requests for your killer product and your calendar isn’t full of appointments. Plus, you’re spending SO MUCH TIME on all this “marketing” activity, you hardly have time to actually run your business. 
So you start to give up. 
  • “Nobody will notice if I don’t do the podcast this week.” 
  • “I’m not getting a lot of Likes on Facebook right now, so I’ll just stop posting for a while. It will be there.”
  • “Page views are down on my blog, so writing *another* post won’t help.”
I get it. 
That’s why you’re here – right? Because you’re tired of the pendulum between frantic marketing activity and none at all. You need to know what you *NEED* to do to see results without spending all of your time figuring out new platforms and trying to find the right mix.
I created the Minimum Viable Marketing framework for YOU. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach – because you’ll still need to make the choices for your business. It’s about building a structure that you can sustain that builds your business without wearing you out in the process. 

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